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What is Green Building? 10 Features of an Eco-Friendly Building

What is green building? Eco-friendly buildings and sustainability is not a subject only architects or engineers are familiar with anymore. Alienation from nature resulted as environmental crisis, physical and mental disorders that humanity faces. It brought a high level of consciousness in society. So this concept has emerged from the realization of the consequences of formalist design which is not in harmony with the environment. There are hundreds of publications on this subject but this text covers the simple explanation of the concept and philosophy by introducing its characteristics. Here is some principles that we can evaluate the quality of a green/eco-friendly building:

  1. Integration between landscape and architecture (Building should be in harmony with the landscape with its scale and the construction material. Material should abide by as it was taken from that area and the building should not dominate the territory with its scale.)
  2. Environmental analyses (Building should be in harmony the soil, the wind and the solar analyses)
  3. Preservation of the nature
  4. Energy efficiency
  5. Use of recycled materials 
  6. Recycling of buildings (adaptive re-use, renovation of existing)
  7. Use of fully eco-friendly materials (Material should not contain harmful chemicals or toxic wastes that may release in production process.)
  8. Low maintenance
  9. Harvested wood (avoid any other to prevent deforestation)
  10. Use of technology and innovations (use of smart material)

Sea Ranch Chapel










Sea Ranch Chapel – California

Schlumberger Research Laboratories










Schlumberger Research Laboratories – Texas

Bonus: Here is a great video of Catherine Mohr about how to design a eco-friendly



MAXXI Exhibition – The NOE Project SCI // Guillermo Acuña Arquitectos Asociados


Recently I visited MAXXI National Museum of XXI Century Arts in Rome. The exhibition of  “ENERGY // Oil and Post-Oil Architecture and Grid” was presenting few projects which I find thrilling in terms of innovation. I will introduce one of them called “The NOE Project SCI” which is not possible to find any online data.

With simple words subject of the project was “the loss of energy while it is being distributed can be prevented by optimizing the positions of the distributors”.

The presentation was happening on 3 different screens. One of them was touchscreen that was standing to control the parameters of the simulation that let you change the positions of the distributors and some other features. The other two screens was mapping how energy flows in those cases that you set.

Now it will write down what was written in the panels which explains the logic much better.

“The extreme polarization between the origin of the energy and its destination is the result of the strategy of an invisibility that organizes it. The loss of energy is a direct result of inadequate geometry of urban network. Whatever the type of energy under consideration, its movement involves a loss, proportional to the energy displaced. The electrical network and its urban wiring system is a perfect example of how city and its loss off residual energy could be paradoxically considered as a central of production and not consumption. In this new idea of productive network, the distance between generation and consumption. disappears to enhance the energy exchange as to optimize their ways and the quality of their movement.”