Common-Action Walls



The 4th International Antalya Architecture Biennale formed around the theme of “continuity”. The Common-Action Wall is a performative wall. It is designed to be hollow for the cultivation of viable plants and is structured to be a sustainable and participatory urban garden structure with the planting, care, watering, and harvesting of these plants. Common-Action Walls are research on the transformation of the previously produced urban garden prototypes (communal-action gardens) into a structural element with a different material and production technique. In an effort
to combine the permaculture principles of previous studies with digital design technologies, material research has also taken part, and compressed soil has been used as a local material-production technique.


Computational Design, Sustainability, Digital Fabrication


POT+ Research Team


4th International Antalya Architecture Biennale.


Honorable Mention at S.ARCH 2018 in the category of Completed Project Award, 16th Venice Architecture Biennale.