Should Architects Learn to Code?


IMG_0832 Coding.

My first experience in computer programming was a freshman year introductory course in high school. It was one of the first courses I signed up for. I liked computers so the idea of making programs for computers was very appealing.

I failed. Like…really failed.

I always considered myself a good student and was decent at math and logic problems.  However, the level of abstraction introduced in class made the notion of creating a program seem daunting. I ended up exiting the course with my tail between my legs with my dreams of developing the next killer app quickly evaporated.

I eventually discovered architecture and took every sketching, art, and CAD course available to me in my high school. I loved the artistry of design and the tangible nature of building concepts. These were things that, in my limited experience at the time, neither a math or computer science course could provide. I eventually went…

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